As an NBS Competitor you will have the opportunity to challenge your skills and talent against others in your profession.  You will receive the prestigious honor of being featured on our NBS website, Nail Magazines, YouTube, Social Media along with being recognized the following year. 

The fields of competition are:

  • Two Nail Competitions
  • Microblading
  • Eyelash Extensions

Themes for the Nail Competitions:

  • Sat – Vintage/Couture - Phantom of The Opera
  • Sun – Vintage/Couture - 3D Flower Ball Garden

The prizes will be determined by the Sponsors of that category.

In addition to winning the Sponsorship prize, you will receive an:

  • NBS Certificate
  • NBS Trophy
  • NBS Medal to proudly wear around your neck.
  • TV, Newspaper, Magazine exposure
  • Full feature page on the NBS website with a link to your Social Media.
  • 2 Free tickets for NBS 2019