NBS - Sponsor

As an NBS Sponsor you will gain the opportunity to showcase and be recognized.  The benefits of being an NBS Sponsor is exposure to a large number of beauty professionals in attendance to demonstrate your products and provide information to.

Sponsorship packages available for the following items:

  • Main Sponsor
  • 4 different Couture Models for 4 different companies.
  • Stage Signage and Backdrops.
  • Judges Lounge refreshments
  • Limo transportation to and from Airport
  • Coupon Books
  • Various Prizes for a number of activities
  • Awards Ceremony
  • NBS Mixer with Live Band
  • Programs
  • Coffee, Water, Tea provided by hotel for Attendees.
  • Expo Room Sponsorship
  • DJ and Sound System
  • Booth Partitions

There will be announcements throughout the days thanking the sponsors for their contributions.  Your logos and what you sponsor will be listed in the program and our follow-up NBS newsletter. 

Your company can book one of the 4 - 700 sqft teaching/conference rooms to put on your own classes or seminars.

NBS will provide bags to the attendees with all of the Sponsor's logos on them.  The guests will then be able to go to each vendor booth to receive samples, information or purchase products.

    Submit your information below along with a copy of your License/Certification.  Once this has been verified then you will be notified and allowed access to the rest of the NBS website. 
    Fill out my online form.